Change the house before the child is born

I was living with my wife alone, but she got pregnant and will have a child soon. So life will change like a glitter. There are things that I am worried about, but before my child is born, I have something I want to do. That is changing the house. Why do you want to change your home? In the current house, the walls are too thin, the baby 's crying sounds are heard by your neighbors. It is a very annoying thing, and if you move after a baby is born, it will be very hard. So, I'd like to change to a new home before the baby is born.

I also thought about renting, but I think that I am going to purchase my home so that children can be born as well. I also worry about money, but if I build a housing loan, I will be able to live somehow. I have to look for various things, but I'd like to do my best to live a better life and to make a new life again. Thinking about children, I thought that it would be easier for people who had prepared their homes from the beginning. Although I lived up to now, I feel that it is not an environment that raises children, I will change my house. I am really looking forward to my new life.

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