I have been looking for a house for 6 months

I have been looking for new homes now, it has taken me half a year. I am thinking about my home in a new residence, but I can not find a place that meets the conditions, because the conditions are a bit strict. I am looking for another half year, but I really can not find it. It may be better to talk to a little bride and reconsider the condition. At minimum, I am looking for a place that is quite close to my workplace with a newly built house. Once, because I can go to work place by car, although it may be a little away, I would like to shorten the time of work, so it is better to get closer to work place.

Besides that, there are detailed conditions. I did not believe that I could not find it for a half year, but I could not compromise and I came with Zulzur. On my day off, I go to a real estate agency and I am going to see a house by myself. You probably spent quite a while. There are parts that can not be compromised considering a better home, but I am thinking that I would like to continue looking for a good home for the holidays from now on. There are lots of homes that have not been found yet. While I pray that there are living houses where I feel good, I would like to find it. I am really looking forward to my new life.

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