When I looked for a house

There is timing when I started looking for a house. The timing was before buying a tax, before the child was born, and the timing that a good home was found all matched, so I purchased my home. I feel that I was a very good timing. Today, my friend is looking for a house but I am worrying what to do with the timing and I seem to be in trouble with various things. If the child becomes big and then moves, etc., maybe it may come out that you have to transfer school. It seems that there is a poor feeling to get away from my friends, if I can, I would like to find it before that happens.

Although there are various timings indeed, we have to be able to find good homes anyway, so we will continue to attend real estate agents anyway. If the conditions are severe, it is necessary to compromise as appropriate, or if you find a house that meets the conditions till the end, you have to search while thinking that it may take some time. Although it may be quite a hard work, it is also necessary to find a better house, and even if you have a hard time, if you actually live, you feel it was good to have that hard work I want you to do your best by all means because I can do it.

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