Luck does not come in at the dirty entrance hall

For comfortable living, basic entrance is clean. It is said that good luck will come in from the entrance, but good luck does not come in in the dirty entrance hall. However, while I clean the inside frequently from the entrance, many families say that cleaning the entrance is neglected. As the entrance is easy to clean up space-saving, let's do it frequently. Of course, I also want to organize the shoes box at the same time. If you clean the entrance, it is still a fine day with not much wind. First of all, I will put out the shoes in the shoebox. Let's keep it in veranda and sunny place.

And I will start cleaning the shoe box, but there are a few people who suddenly wipe the water suddenly. However, first of all it is to get rid of dry dirt. It is basic to sweep out sand and dust and then wipe off with water. And after wiping the door of the shoe box must be opened for a while. It is for drying. If possible, wipe dry and dry, then disinfect with ethanol and dry again. While drying, I also clean the entrance hut. It is not so wide that it will not take time. Also, I would like to put deodorant and dehumidifying agent in the shoebox.

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